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About Skamex
About Skamex

We are one of the most prominent distributors of the medical equipment in Poland. For 31 years we provide the high-quality medical solutions of the worldwide best medical companies. We cooperate with the leading clinical centers in Poland, delivering the highest class medical solutions, safe both for personnel and patients, comfortable at the workplace.

Our motto is „Quality for safety” - we believe  only the best quality products protect what is the most important: life and health. This approach is manifested in every aspect of our daily work and refers to all those who have an impact on its implementation: partners in business, clients and employees.

Reasons why you can rely on us!

We are reliable business partner and we succeed thanks to:

  • reach, long-term experience in business
  • high quality staff
  • wide offer of medical products
  • introduction of innovative solutions on the Polish market i.a 

- polyisoprene gloves (true synthetic latex)
closed urine drainage system
- double coded gloves of category III
- sterile urine drainage bags
- wireless digital radiology systems
- vinyl gloves without phthalate, feeding catheters (both introduced many years before it was demanded by European acts)
- high-tech solutions of safety products for injections (BD PosiFlush™, BD Q-Syte)
- medical staff training offer, e.g. postgraduate courses organized together with BD, that meet legal demands in the area  of nurses’ profession, confirmed by the Centre of Nurses and Midwifes Education

In March 2011 Skamex received The Cerificate of Business Reliability from D&B for achieving best appraisal of business stability.