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  • BD PhaSeal™ Injector

BD PhaSeal™ Injector


The Injector Luer Lock attaches to a standard syringe or IV line for a dry, leakproof connection during drug preparation and administration. It ensures a closed drug transfer by means of tightly sealed, double elastomeric membranes.
BD PhaSeal™ Injector Luer N30C

  • Transfer device that attaches to a disposable syringe with standard Luer connection
  • with red protection cap

BD PhaSeal™ Injectors Luer Lock N35 and N35C

  • Transfer devices that attach to a disposable syringe or IV tubing with a standard Luer Lock connection
  • Injector N35 without protection cap
  • Injector N35C with clear protection cap
  • Ref. no. 515005 is packed in multipacks of 5 units each
  • Sterilization method: ethylene oxide
  • Sterile, single use
  • CE marked