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List of products by manufacturer CareFusion

CareFusion's vision is to improve the safety and lower the cost of healthcare for generations to come. 16,650 worldwide employees are passionate about healthcare and helping those that deliver it - from the hospital pharmacy to the nursing floor, the operating room to the patient bedside.

The clinically proven product families include Pyxis® for medication and supply dispensing, Alaris® for infusion, AVEA® ventilators, Jaeger® for respiratory diagnostic instruments, AVAmax® and PleurX® for interventional procedures, V. Mueller® and Snowden-Pencer® surgical instruments, and ChloraPrep® skin antiseptic.

To make global healthcare better, they partner with customers to help them improve medication management, lower costs in procedural areas, reduce risk of infection, advance the care of ventilated patients and turn the endless amount of data generated in healthcare into actionable information.

  • Alaris-gw-696_500_90x60 Alaris® GW Alaris® GW volumetric pump - small and lightweight. The Alaris® GW infusion pump uses dedicated sets with or without anti-free-flow valve. It has a simple... Read more
  • Alaris-vp-plus-guardrails-1-if-697_499_90x60 Alaris® VP plus Guardrails® Alaris®  VP plus Giardialis® - early clinical intervention wit in line pressure monitoring.  indentify pressure trends that could indicate an emerging... Read more
  • Alaris-cc-syringe-pump_503_90x60 Alaris® CC Alaris® CC syringe pump delivers exclusive capabilities for significant beside advantages. Among these is an in-line pressure sensor technology, capable... Read more
  • Alaris-enteral-syringe-pump-2-if-1210-0006_510_90x60 Alaris® Enteral Alaris® Enteral syringe pump - designed to deliver nutrition efficiently. Alaris® Enteral infusion pump - includes a large quick-to-read screen, intuitive... Read more
  • Front-page-image-agw-0077-hires-v4_512_90x60 Alaris® Gateway Workstation System integration - Alaris® Gateway Workstation. Today's smart infusion systems require smart connectivity and integration solutions. Carefusion's products have the capability... Read more
  • Alaris-gh-syringe-pump_501_90x60 Alaris® GH plus The Alaris® GH Plus syringe pump from CareFusion, delivers benefits through comprehensive therapy functionalities and the Guardrails® suite of safety... Read more
  • Alaris-gp-695_498_90x60 Alaris® GP Alaris®  GP - designed for use in key areas. Acute and sub-acute applications require a simple and easy to use volumetric... Read more
  • Alaris-pk-anaesthetic-syringe-pump-2_508_90x60 Alaris® PK Alaris® PK syringe pump - designed for the way you work.  Now you can choose the latest Pharmacokinetic (PK) models that... Read more
  • Alaris-tiva-syringe-pump_505_90x60 Alaris® TIVA Alaris® TIVA syringe pump - the perfect partner for IV anaesthesia. Portability Alaris® TIVA syringe pumps are portable independently of the Alaris® Medication... Read more
  • Strzygraka_104_90x60 CareFusion Surgical Clippers Setting a new standard for safety and efficiency in preoperative hair removal  Now you can glide through hair removal while helping... Read more
  • Klips-do-kabla-665-274x274_521_90x60 Cord cllip The cord clip allows care givers to affix the cord of the warmer to the  patient's bed sheet or clothing. ... Read more
  • Wklad-z-zestawem-662-274x274_518_90x60 Disposable sterile cartridges with extention set Patient-dedicated cartridges with a 3in/7,5 cm extention set (overall lenght 5 in or 12,5 cm) is also available for customers that... Read more
  • Tester-encheck-664-274x274_520_90x60 enCheck testing tool The enCheck Tester was developed to quickly and reliably trigger the over-temperature alarm condition on the enFlow Warmer. Within seconds, the enCheck... Read more
  • Sterownik-enflow-660-274x274_514_90x60 enFlow controller The enFlow controller unit serves as the power supply for the warmer unit. It is designed to mount on an... Read more
  • Wklad-jednorazowy-enflow-659-274x274_516_90x60 enFlow disposable cartridge The sterilized, disposable enFlow cartridge can be connected to any standard luer IV set. The warmer is designed so that... Read more
  • Ogrzewacz-661-100x100_515_90x60 enFlow warmer The enFlow warmer is designed to work in conjunction with the disposable cartridge to warm IV fluids. The innovative design... Read more
  • Illinois-igla-aspiracyjna-z-mozliwoscia-regulacji-dlugosci-igly_276_90x60 Illinois sternal / iliac bone marrow aspiration needles Sharp lancet point penetrates easily into the bone to help ensure a safe and simple aspiration of marrow from the... Read more
  • Pasek-do-ogrzewacza-666_522_90x60 Insulated warmer strap The warmer strap with integrated insulated pad allowing the user to attach the warmer to the customers limb when the... Read more
  • Ivac-pcam-1-if-715_507_90x60 IVAC® PCAM® IVAC® PCAM® syringe pump - designed for improved management of acute postoperative pain.  IVAC® PCAM® infusion pump provides the clinican with... Read more
  • T-handle-jamshidi-igly-z-wycinarka_274_90x60 Jamshidi marrow acquisition cradle Jamshidi marrow acquisition cradle This innovative retention device fits inside the T-handle Jamshidi needle to capture and retrieve quality samples easily and... Read more
  • T-handle-jamshidi-igly-z-wycinarka_275_90x60 T-handle Illinois This innovative retention device fits inside the T-handle Jamshidi needle to capture and retrieve quality samples easily and accurately. The... Read more
  • T-handle-jamshidi_273_90x60 T-handle Jamshidi The original Jamshidi needle offers features that have made this bone marrow biopsy / aspiration needle a best seller for... Read more
  • Uchwyt-ogrzewacza-663-274x274_519_90x60 Warmer holder The enFlow warmer holder affixes to the side of controlier to allow clinicians a place to hang the warmer when... Read more