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  • CareFusion Surgical Clippers

CareFusion Surgical Clippers


Setting a new standard for safety and efficiency in preoperative hair removal 

Now you can glide through hair removal while helping to minimize the risk of surgical site infections  with  CareFusion Surgical Clippers. With 50% faster cutting capability than competitive clippers, you’ll feel the difference as CareFusion Surgical Clippers remove hair in a single pass for less patient skin irritation.

Three easy-to-change clipping head designs cover any kind of clinical hair removal

  • The specially-designed Neuro blade powers through even the thickest hair on the scalp.
  • The general use blade provides an effective solution  for most clinical hair removal with a cut that’s closest to the skin while leaving it intact.
  • The SensiClip®  blade moves the cutting blade away from the patient’s skin to avoid compromising sensitive or loose skin.

The CareFusion performance advantage comes from our two-step  production process that gives the blades a square edge with  a 45° cutting angle, compared to the competitor’s flat edge and rounded  profile. The result is shorter stubble with  a smoother cut on each hair. With single-pass performance, CareFusion Surgical clippers minimize skin disruption, compared to competitor clippers and razors.

Feel the difference

Never before surgical clipper was so effective and so safe for the patient.

Addressing the risk of infections

Of the millions of surgical procedures performed each year, approximately 500,000 will result in a surgical site infection. Each  SSI can also:

  • Add approximately seven to 10 postoperative hospital days.
  • Add up to nearly $35,000 in costs.
  • Raise the risk of mortality between  two and 11 times.

Given the risk of cuts or abrasions possible when using razors, it’s not surprising that the latest studies show patients who were clipped had a statistically significant lower infection rate than patients who were shaved.

International Guidelines

Leading healthcare industry organizations recommend that, when preoperative hair removal is necessary, it should be done with  clippers instead of razors. CareFusion Surgical Clippers can help your facility  comply with  these guidelines and recommended practices, thus potentially reducing infection rates and saving your facility  significant costs in postoperative care.

Meeting the needs of front line clinicians

CareFusion Surgical Clippers were designed with input from working clinicians across the country.

  • Clipper handle is fully submersible, for thorough cleaning and disinfecting
  • Exclusive wet clipping tray helps minimize contamination by helping control hair dispersal
  • Drop-in charging system provides easy storage (while preventing over-charging) so the clippers are always ready
  • Nickel-metal hydride battery ensures maximum performance and a long battery life
  • Class I medical device—double insulated and does not need a three-prong plug
  • Clinicians can feel the difference when using clippers with exceptional clipping performance