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Codan Contrelle® Activgard

The main cause of the problem is that the floor of the pelvis has weakened, often because of childbirth, changes during menopause or other factors inherent in the ageing process. When the pelvic floor slackens in this way, the bladder falls slightly and the angle of the bladder neck changes. The result is that the associated musculature is no longer under full voluntary control during sudden stress. The shape of Contrelle® Activgard is such that, when placed in the vagina, it lifts the bladder slightly, thereby correcting the angle of the bladder neck and preventing or reducing loss of urine, even during exertion. Just as important, the patient can urinate normally, without having to remove the Activgard.

Easy to use

Contrelle® Activgard is just as easy to use as a tampon. It cannot be felt or seen. When saturated with water before use, the Activgard does not absorb the natural moisture of the mucous membranes. Contrelle® Activgard is a simple concept that treats the problem rather than the symptoms. Contrelle® Activgard is a simple and effective device for women with stress incontinence.

A normal life again

By giving the woman regained control of her bladder, Contrelle® Activgard allows her to lead a normal life once more. No longer need she live with the uncertainty of sudden and involuntary loss of urine, or put up with the inconvenience of absorbent pads or worry about odours. She can live just as normal a life as she did before she became incontinent.

Unique design and function

Contrelle® Activgard works actively, rather than passively. The material is soft, moulded foam plastic. When it is folded double before insertion, its elasticity will make it unfold inside the vagina. This gives a gentle support that lifts the bladder at the same time as adapting perfectly to the movements of the body. The outer surfaces of the Activgard are specially shaped to fit snugly against the bladder neck and rectum – so it is very important that it is placed correctly in the vagina, as shown in the drawing.

Normal toilet visits

Urination is performed normally – the Activgard does not need to be removed. Contrelle® Activgard does not compress the urethra but supports the bladder neck, allowing natural control to return.

No noticeable side-effects

Evaluations also showed that Contrelle® Activgard produces no signs of change in pH values or bacteriological
findings, no risk of vaginal or urinary infections and no irritation of the mucous membranes. Subjectively, some patients experienced mild discomfort, particularly during the acclimatisation period. But the majority of these patients stated that they would continue to use Contrelle® Activgard.

Size 1 REF 76.1001 30 pcs/box*

Size 2 REF 76.1002 30 pcs/box*

Size 3 REF 76.1003 30 pcs/box*

*each contains an applicator

Contrelle® Activgard Study

In 1994, two clinical trials were conducted with Contrelle® Activgard. One included 26 stress incontinentpatients at Glostrup Hospital in Denmark, the other129 stress incontinent women at ten different hospitals in Sweden. The studies included both subjective and objective parameters. The objective tests were pad weighing tests (24 hours) to determine the amount of involuntary urine loss. In the Danish test, the patients underwent a thorough examination prior to the investigation, including vaginal cultures an pH measurement, evaluation of residual urine, urine cultures, mictiography and micturition schedules. The subjective parameters were evaluated via questionnaires.

80% reported improvement

In the Danish study, 21 out of 22 patients believed that Contrelle® Activgard was satisfactory or highly satisfactory and in the Swedish study, 66 out of 90. Subjectively, 87% of the Danish patients stated that the Activgard reduced the frequency of leakage and 72% reported a reduction in quantity in the event of leakage. The corresponding figures in Sweden were 77% and 74%.

35% became completely continent

Objective evaluations showed that in Sweden, 35% of the test group became completely continent and 77% reported an improvement. In Denmark, the figures were 36% completely continent and 64% improvement.use.

Pelvic floor training

Contrelle® Activgard is not a substitute for training of the muscles of the pelvic floor. But it will reinforce that training – and be of great value in those cases where pelvic muscle training is not producing results.


Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is experienced very rarely. Of the few cases that have been recorded, half have been in women who use tampons. Most of them have been younger women who use tampons with extra absorbency. The Activgard is entirely non-absorbent when used correctly and saturated with water before use.

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