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  • Iso-Gard HEPA filtres

Iso-Gard HEPA filtres


HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulare Air and refers to a highly effective, hydrophobic, mechanical filter. Iso-Gard® HEPA bacterial/viral filters with HME properties protect patients, medical personnel, tube systems and venti-lation equipment from cross contamination. The high filtration efficiency (99.99999%) of Iso-Gard® HEPA Filters has been certified by independent institutes.

The filters, available in two versions, as IsoGard® HEPA Light and as Iso-Gard® HEPA Small, comply with all the required quality standards.
Their application in anaesthesia and intensive care can be both patientoriented as well as machine-oriented. Iso-Gard® HEPA Light According to the CEN filter standard the Iso-Gard® HEPA Light has received HEPA classification 13.
In addition, the Iso-Gard® HEPA Light has HME properties. It is available as a patient version with CO2 port as well as a filter for machine use. Iso-Gard® HEPA Small. This compact version of the Iso-Gard® HEPA Light filter can be used with adults and children alike.

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