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List of products by manufacturer LMA

Incorporated in Netherlands Antilles in 1998, LMA designs, develops, markets and distributes medical equipment, principally the LMA™ laryngeal mask airway line of supraglottic airway device products.

Designed by renowned British anesthesiologist Dr. Archie Brain, the LMA™ airway was first introduced to the market in 1988. It was the first effective product to offer significant advantages over traditional methods of airway support during surgical procedures and life-saving interventions.

Today, LMA™ laryngeal mask product line is the most comprehensive innovative airway management system available, comprising five reusable and three single-use devices in 41 different formats and size combinations. Supported by over 2,800 published references, it is estimated that our devices have been used more than 200 million times worldwide and without a single reported fatality attributed to its use.

LMA products are recognized for the proven superior clinical efficacy over other alternative airway management devices and the quality assured by our brand. These competitive strengths, together with solid customer relationships, have positioned LMA as the leading player in the global arena of advanced anesthesia airway devices.

LMA sells its products in more than 100 countries via its own sales teams in the United States, Germany and Singapore, and through independent distributors in other markets. This extensive global distribution network provides a platform from which related products can be added and distributed effectively.


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