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Newsletter rulebook

Pursuant to the Article 10 of the of the Act on Rendering Electronic Services of the 18th of July 2002 (Journal of Laws 02.144.1204, as further amended) ), Skamex Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp.k. (called further Skamex) publishes undermentioned Newsletter terms.

Please, read terms before giving consent to receive Newsletter.

The Terms of Use Agreement

1. About E-mail Newsletter

  • There is no limit to the number of subscribers.
  • The E-mail Newsletter service is free of charge.
  • By Newsletter we send information about products, services, news, promotions, medical examination results, interesting articles in the area of medical products and medicine and the like.
  • To receive Newsletter subscription choose area you are interested in (you can choose more than one) and enter your e-mail address. Your subscription is considered as your agreement for receiving Newsletter.
  • Newsletter subscription is also considered as a consent to receive from Skamex commercial and marketing information in electronic way.

2. Subscription and Cancellation

The process of subscription to and cancellation of the E-mail Newsletter service is left to each subscriber. Customers shall be entitled to request its deletion by contacting Skamex.

3. Others

  • The E-mail Newsletter will not be re-sent, regardless of any problems in receiving the e-mail by the subscriber. Please refer to back issues on the Site in the case of an e-mail failure.
  • Your personal information, including your e-mail address, will be used only for the delivery and management of the E-mail Newsletter. Statistical data from optional questionnaires, such as the number of subscribers by age and sex, may be reported publicly at times. (See our Privacy Policy)
  • If subscriber infringes law or present Terms concerning Newsletter subscription, Skamex has all rights to delate their Newsletter account.