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  • Ulmer drain It’s a basic principle of flow physics that if you have a series of holes of equal size in a... Read more
  • P3-0108-05023-33048182-op-flex-hs-conventional-m-vk-7-5-a6-rgb-575px-01_151_90x60 OP-Flex Conventional handle OP-Flex™ handles and sets are designed for intra operative removal of blood and fluids during open surgery. Must be attached... Read more
  • P3-0108-05023-33045182-op-flex-hs-duckbill-o-vk-a6-rgb-575px_155_90x60 OP-Flex Duckbill handle The OP-Flex® Duckbill is a Yankauer suction device with a flattened suction tip. Suitable for tissue gaps the OP-Flex® Duckbill, a... Read more
  • P3-0108-05024-33008182-op-sauger-hs-pinpoint-o-vk-22-0-cm-auge-a6-rgb-575px-01_153_90x60 OP-Flex Pinpoint handle The OP-Flex® Pinpoint is a single-angle Yankauer suction device with tapered tip for pinpoint-accurate application. Suitable for small operation cavities. Its... Read more
  • P3-0108-05023-33035182-op-flex-hs-flex-pool-o-vk-a6-rgb-575px_150_90x60 OP-Flex Pool handle The OP-Flex® Pool is a suction device with a rounded tip and a variable pool attachment. Ideal for fragments/sediment. The... Read more
  • P3-0108-05023-33043182-op-flex-hs-sump-o-vk-a6-rgb-575px-01_154_90x60 OP-Flex Sump handle The OP-Flex® Sump is a Yankauer suction device fitted with a diffusor tip. The five atraumatic lateral eyes in the... Read more
  • P3-0108-05023-33030182-op-flex-hs-super-flow-o-vk-a6-rgb-575px-01_156_90x60 OP-Flex SuperFlow handle The OP-Flex® Super Flow is an extra-large suction device for large quantities of blood. The extremely high suction rate ensures... Read more
  • P3-0108-05023-33047182-op-flex-hs-yankauer-o-vk-a6-rgb-575px-01_152_90x60 OP-Flex Yankauer handle The OP-Flex® Yankauer is a universal suction device for almost all areas of application. The single-angle, gently rounded suction tip... Read more
  • Uonovac_272_90x60 Unovac UnoVac represents the first major advance in active drain technology in almost forty years. Thanks to its unique hemispheric suction... Read more