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Laparoscopy Trocars

  • Trokary-optyczne-01_188_90x60 Optical Trocar   Optical Trocar Allow safe insertion with direct vision for primary port access Facilitates avoidance of abdominal wall and blood vessel damage Offer ergonomic... Read more
  • Trokary-ultimate-autoshield-02-01_184_90x60 AutoShield Trocar The Ultimate AutoShield Trocar Range Linear blade allows reduced insertion force and reduced facial defect The Ultimate Dilating Tip Trocar Range Separates rather... Read more
  • Trokary-ultimate-hasson-01_186_90x60 Hasson Trocar - Ultimate The Ultimate Hasson Trocar Range Designed for use in open, cut down technique Reduced risk of abdominal viscera trauma Reduced risk of inadvertent... Read more
  • Tokary-wtorne-01_189_90x60 Secondary Trocars Require a very low insertion force due to the ultra sharp pyramidal tip Ensure secure abdominal anchoring with effective cannula retention... Read more