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List of products by manufacturer Purple Surgical

Purple Surgical are a long established, well respected British Manufacturer of medical devices and instrumentation. With over 100 years’ experience in the healthcare market, they aim to consistently offer high quality, cost effective equipment that meet the needs of today’s changing NHS and private healthcare sector.

Today, Purple Surgical is present in over 80 countries worldwide and offer an extensive product portfolio specialising in laparoscopy, gynaecology and colorectal surgery. As an organisation, we are driven by the belief that the healthcare community is served by a reputable and professional industry. 

  • Trokary-ultimate-autoshield-01_183_90x60 AutoShield Trocar The Ultimate AutoShield Trocar Range Linear blade allows reduced insertion force and reduced facial defect The Ultimate Dilating Tip Trocar Range Separates rather... Read more
  • Oslona-na-kamere-01_214_90x60 Camera Sleeve For the creation of a sterile field around the camera head and cable.  Extends the life of expensive video camera heads... Read more
  • Zestaw-przeciwko-parowaniu-optyk-laparoskopowych-01_207_90x60 Fog Free Prevents the formation of condensation on the distal lens of the laparoscope. Ensures clear visualisation of the operative field Mild alcohal content... Read more
  • Trokary-ultimate-hasson-01_186_90x60 Hasson Trocar - Ultimate The Ultimate Hasson Trocar Range Designed for use in open, cut down technique Reduced risk of abdominal viscera trauma Reduced risk of inadvertent... Read more
  • Torba-na-narzedzia-01_213_90x60 Instrument Pouch Enables the secure, convenient housing of instruments close to the surgical site, thus minimising the necessity for hand to hand... Read more
  • Dreny-z-filtrem-do-insuflatorow-01_206_90x60 Insufflation Filter Effectively prevents cross contamination between patient and insufflator. Sterile, single use for convenience and safety 99.9999% filtration efficiency Filter designed to withstand high... Read more
  • Tokary-optyczne-2-01_187_90x60 Optical Trocar   Optical Trocar Allow safe insertion with direct vision for primary port access Facilitates avoidance of abdominal wall and blood vessel damage Offer ergonomic... Read more
  • Tokary-wtorne-01_189_90x60 Secondary Trocars Require a very low insertion force due to the ultra sharp pyramidal tip Ensure secure abdominal anchoring with effective cannula retention... Read more
  • Narzedzie-do-usuwania-zszywek-skornych_534_90x60 Skin Staple Remover High quality, cost effective solution for the removal of surgical staples. The Purple Surgical Skin Staple Remover is a high quality, cost effective... Read more
  • Stapler-skorny_533_90x60 Skin Stapler High quality, cost effective solution for wound closure. The Purple Surgical Skin Stapler is a reliable, high quality, cost effective solution for wound closure.... Read more
  • Ultimate-stapler-okrezny-z-podwojnym-zabezpieczeniem-i-uchylnym-kowadelkiem-detal_527_90x60 The Ultimate Circular Stapler with Dual Safety & Tilt Top Anvil The Purple Surgical Ultimate Circular Stapler with Dual Safety & Tilt Top Anvil places a circular staggered, double row of titanium staples in... Read more
  • Ultimate-stapler-liniowy-tnacy-z-wymiennymi-ladunkami_525_90x60 The Ultimate Reloadable Linear Cutter Stapler The Purple Surgical Ultimate Reloadable Linear Cutter Stapler places two double staggered rows of titanium staples and simultaneously cuts and divides tissue between the... Read more
  • Ultimate-stapler-liniowy-ze-wskaznikiem_526_90x60 The Ultimate Reloadable Linear Stapler with Indicator The Purple Surgical Ultimate Reloadable Linear Stapler with Indicator places two staggered rows of titanium staples, and is available in 30mm, 45mm, 60mm... Read more
  • Organizator-przewodow-01_212_90x60 Tube Organiser Enables the effective, secure retention and organisation of tubes and leads in the sterile field. Adhesive surface fixes the organiser securely to... Read more
  • Ultimate-igla-veressa-01_204_90x60 Ultimate Veress Needles For the simple, safe, effective creation of the pneumoperitoneum. Convenient, single use instrument guarantees sterility and avoids the need for difficult,... Read more
  • Igla-veressa-02_205_90x60 Veress Needles For the simple, safe, effective creation of the pneumoperitoneum. Convenient, single use instrument guarantees sterility and avoids the need for difficult,... Read more