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Sempercare Silk gloves


Breakthrough in nosomical infections prevention! Sempercare® Silk Gloves with Sericin.

Newest generation of examination gloves enriched with liquid silk on the inside of the glove. Thanks to the silk and its properties, these examination gloves protect and care of hands also in the case of prolonged wear. What is new comparing to all other gloves on market these are their natural antibacterial properties and strong hygroscopic properties (hands less sweat). At the same time Sempercare® silk gloves combine optimal protection from infections what makes them even safer.  The liquid components in the silk lends smoothness to the skin, enabling a pleasant, silky-smooth feeling on the skin an easy and quick donning.

Sempercare® Silk Gloves with Sericin are suitable for users and patients with Type-I allergies.

It is the best complement for effective hand disinfection and guarantee of safety for medical staff and patient.

These examination gloves are made from 100% synthetical latex, powder-free, non sterile, with liquid silk.

Available in white, aesthetic colour.