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  • The Ultimate Reloadable Linear Cutter Stapler

The Ultimate Reloadable Linear Cutter Stapler


The Purple Surgical Ultimate Reloadable Linear Cutter Stapler places two double staggered rows of titanium staples and simultaneously cuts and divides tissue between the two double rows.

The Purple Surgical Ultimate Reloadable Linear Cutter Stapler is available in 60mm and 80mm staple lengths with reload units available for both standard tissue (3.8mm) and thick tissue (4.8mm). Each device may be reloaded up to 7 times for a maximum of 8 firings per patient. The ergonomic design, with rubber grip inlays and flexible dual leaver for left or right handed staple firing, facilitates user comfort and control. Staple formation creates the perfect 'B' shape on each and every firing for improved clinical performance.

Features and benefits include:

  • New blade with each cartridge guarantees smooth, precise transection with each firing, reducing the risk of cross infection
  • Automatic safety lock-out mechanism incorporated within each cartridge
  • Rear hinge allows for one handed operation
  • Adjustable firing lever enables you to fire from either side of the device

Anatomy suitable for this device includes:

  • General Surgery - Stomach | Duodenum | Small Bowel | Liver | Colon
  • Gynaecological Surgery - Fallopian Tubes | Ovaries
  • Urologic Surgery - Bladder
  • Thoracic Surgery - Parenchyma