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UnoVac represents the first major advance in active drain technology in almost forty years. Thanks to its unique hemispheric suction chamber, UnoVac provides a virtually constant suction level throughout the entire period of drainage. Combined with Ulmer drain, low-vacuum UnoVac set helps wounds heal faster, with less tissue trauma, and with significantly reduced risk of infection.

Establishing the vacuum and emptying any fluid in the suction chamber is accomplished in one simple operation — just press. The specially-designed non-return valves eliminate the need to fuss with clamps and leave both hands free to evacuate the system. Moreover, they ensure that clamps cannot accidentally open and cause potentially dangerous reflux.

Hospital routine can be hectic enough without extra duties or complications. That’s why UnoVac has been designed to make active drainage as simple and straightforward as possible. From the very moment the drain is installed, to the time it is removed, UnoVac’s robust construction and practical features help ensure virtually 100% problem-free operation.